Ben Chester White (1899-1966). Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

Ben Chester White (1899-1966). Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

Source: Historic Natchez Foundation (

Source: Historic Natchez Foundation (

Wharlest Jackson's vehicle. Source: Historic Natchez Foundation ( Wharlest Jackson (1930-1967)

Wharlest Jackson's vehicle. Source: Historic Natchez Foundation (

Wharlest Jackson (1930-1967)

2017-18 Project: A Civil Rights Trail

For our 2017 project, Community Alliance is raising $10,000 as a community match for a civil rights trail.

The Historic Natchez Foundation received a $50,000 grant to create a thematic registry for Adams County sites significant to our civil rights movement. 

Our goal is to raise the $10,000 needed to manufacture and install five interpretive panels that were designed during the St. Catherine Street Trails project but never manufactured.

Community Alliance is not involved with selection of the sites. The Historic Natchez Foundation will form a project committee of activists and historians to do that. We want to enable the committee to focus on research and documentation, and we want to show community commitment to unity and development. And that our communal fascination (read as: obsession) with history knows no boundaries.

Any funds raised in excess of $10,000 will be voted on at a community meeting to go toward other local civil rights initiatives - the MLK Triangle at St Catherine Street and Civil Rights Trailhead or the Parchman Ordeal Memorial, for example.

We are asking you - yes, you! - to ask 10 friends to give $10. Donation forms here, collect the money and send to us at Community Alliance, PO Box 18231, Natchez, MS 39122. Or individuals can donate by clicking the link below. Or give money to a board member. Checks payable to the Community Alliance of Natchez-Adams County. We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation for tax deductions.

PLEASE NOTE: To respect the significance of civil rights for individuals in our community, we plan to list donors in alphabetical order rather than donation amount. Everyone is giving because they believe. 



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