Community Alliance of Natchez-Adams County

We are an umbrella 501c3 bringing together diverse partners from government, business, organizations and individuals for the purpose of community development that promotes equity and the built environment. Our quarterly community meetings are public discussions, open forums, project updates, and opportunities to get involved.

Meetings are open to the public. We believe people self-identify with this "community alliance." Any and all are welcome to join the conversation.

We have four member groups that operate under our 501(c)(3) umbrella status.

Our Board of Directors includes members of local government, local businesses, local community organizations and concerned citizens.

We undertake an annual project that fits within our mission. Community projects are voted on at public community meetings. Individuals are welcome to initiate and lead a project under the Community Alliance umbrella, but they must see it through from start to finish.

The Community Alliance inaugural project: six miles of walking trails throughout downtown Natchez showcasing history, culture, downtown businesses, and the Mississippi River. 

Four member groups operate under our umbrella status as a 501(c)(3) corporation. All participate in the Alliance & are represented on the board.

Our mission statement and other info. 


Annual Project Fundraising Goal:

$10,000 for a Civil Rights Trail

$379 raised as of 7/4/17

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Next meeting:

Thursday, August 24, 4-5pm, Bowie's Tavern in the Barrel Room, 100 Main St.

CA in the News:

The Atlantic: "Can the South Make Room for Reconstruction?"